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MSI Polska MSI Polska is a news website for managers responsible for choosing IT systems to help manage production and other departments in their manufacturing plants. features intuitive interface with advanced functionality enabling easy website navigation. Users can browse through a large collection of articles, market reports, case studies involving IT implementations in manufacturing, directories of vendors of IT products and services for the manufacturing sector, interviews with Poland’s industry and IT leaders, experts feedback, and fair and conference reports.

Target Readership

  • Production, supply and logistics managers
  • Managers responsible for purchasing hardware and software
  • Developers in charge of corporate management systems
  • Product managers
  • CEOs and managing directors at manufacturing companies
  • Quality engineers
  • Plant maintenance managers
  • Chief Production Officers and managers
  • Service department managers
  • Lean Manufacturing specialists
  • IT specialists in charge of plant management systems
  • Workplace specialists

MSI Polska team also publishes four industry reports a year:

  • Vendors of IT Products and Services for the Manufacturing Sector directory
  • ERP/MRP II Systems for the Manufacturing Sector report
  • IT for Manufacturing report
  • IT for Logistics report

These supplements are distributed at seminars and conferences covered by MSI Polska, and at numerous industry fairs in Poland. They are available both in print and online. Please see the Supplements tab to find out more on the publications.


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