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IBSharing intelligent building concepts

The Inteligentny Budynek (Intelligent Building) is a brand in Poland’s publishing industry. It is licensed from the U.S. Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine. Its mission is to provide building engineers with up-to-date information on the latest technologies. Do you want to know how to design a building within sustainable development guidelines? Cut on electricity cost? Seamlessly integrate all equipment involved? Supervise building security, or maintain 100% availability of smart equipment? Inteligentny Budynek will give you all the answers you need.

An intelligent building is defined as one that can respond to changes in internal and external environments based on the input from various components of its control system. This leads to optimized functionality, comfort and security, thus reducing service and upgrade costs. Plus, the intelligent building will have no negative affect whatsoever on the natural environment and the people inside.

Contents of the portal
The Inteligentny Budynek focuses on “smart” technological innovations which can be successfully introduced in the intelligent building industry. These include a myriad of sensor and detector systems and integrated solutions that manage all the systems and equipment in the building. We’ll be keeping track of the global trends relating to smart building solutions.

Target Readership
Building engineers, designing engineers, architects, planning officers, town planners, general contractors, developers, investors, building managers, tenants, and commercial area managers and administrators.

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